Carbon County

Fort Fred Steele in 1868

History of Fort Fred Steele

This fort was located at the point where the Union Pacific Railroad crosses the North Platte River, in Carbon County, and was established by Col. Richard I. Dodge on June 30, 1868, as a protection to the builders of the railroad. It was named in honor of Maj. Gen. Frederick Steele of Civil war fame. Withinforty-eight hours after the completion of the fort, camp followers to the number of five hundred or more had established the town of “Brownsville” nearby. Five days later the population of the town was estimated at fifteen hundred. On June 28, 1869, the Government established …

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Pony Express Map William Henry Jackson

History of Fort Halleck

Fort Halleck, named in honor of Gen. Henry W. Halleck, one of the noted Union .generals in the Civil war, was established on July 20, 1862. It was located near the foot of the Medicine Bow Mountains and was for a time the most important military post in the Rocky Mountain region, being the center of the Indian warfare of that period. In the spring of 1863, when Capt. J. L. Humfreville of the Eleventh Ohio Cavalry was in command of the post, the troops worked both east and west from the fort, guarding mail coaches and emigrant trains, and …

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