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Hyattville was first established in 1886 as Paintrock, Wyoming. It was named for Indian pictographs on a nearby cliff. Samuel Hyatt started a store and the first post office, and the town was renamed for him. When the store was destroyed by fire in 1900, Sam Hyatt became a rancher. Asa Shinn Mercer was also a pioneer settler here. He made himself famous by taking two shiploads of young women around Cape Horn in the 1860’s for matrimonial purposes on the West Coast. When he finished with that enterprise, he came to Wyoming to settle.

The Hyattville Cemetery is located northwest of Hyattville on the Alkali Road. Drive away from town 1.5 miles from the Hyattville Café and continue straight until you reach the beginning of the unpaved Alkali Road. The cemetery can be seen a few hundred feet on your left, or west. This is a well kept, clean cemetery in a beautiful setting, including 3.22 acres. It is guarded by one large tree on the northwest and surrounded by ranchland, with the Big Horn Mountains close enough to smell the mountain pines. The cemetery slopes downhill on the West Side and it is somewhat boggy there. There is only one grave in that area. If you want to rest here, stay up on the hill where it is drier. There are some nice groups of cows nearby for company and a steady passing of ranchers coming and going on the roads in the area. As you leave notice the nice donkeys in the pasture northeast of the cemetery.

There is a directory of graves at the cemetery. Hyattville has their own cemetery district, and they have been very thorough in their records. The official local cemetery records do not give the actual stone information, but only the years, if available. This database has more complete stone inscriptions, plus in some cases expanded full names beyond what is on the stone.

Interments at Hyattville Cemetery

Last NameFirst NameMiddleBirthDeathComments
AdleIdaA.1 Apr 18927 May 1895(mothers name Cook)
AlbersGus 5 Apr 18859 Dec 1938Fa-J. W. Albers Mthr-Anna Trutner
AllenClaudiaUlyssia (Lewis)18871917(md Bert Allen)
AllenIsabell(Cook)10 feb 187514 Feb 1894Father-D. W. Cook Mother-E. J. Cook
AllenKaroline(Herren)18771900(Mother of John H. Allen, Shell, WY)
AverettAmanda 19861986 
BaderBerlD.5 Jun 19078 Apr 1991 
BairdJamesV.188821 Jul 1928age 40 yrs Wyo Pvt 19 S.N.T.N. WWI
Baldwin(infant)   Father- R. A. Baldwin
BayneDanielV.12 Mar 186110 (21) Oct 1933 Father Thomas D. Bayne Mother Maria Cox 
BordnerEdwardW.8 Jan 187920 Jan 1905 
BosonBeatrice 19191977 
BosonDoraBell23 Oct 195023 Oct 1950Fa-Lee Earl Boson Mthr-Beatrice Oliver (Myers?)
BosonLeenaKay (infant)19611961 
BosonVerlin“twin”15 Jun 195915 Jun 1959 
BosonVictor“twin”15 Jun 195915 Jun 1959 
BroadstreetFae(Caines) (Moses)26 Apr 190614 Dec 1995(Twin) DAR Medallion
BrownElizabethS.18487 Jan 1943 
BrownJohnRussell18482 Jul 1927age 80 yrs
CainesDanAlbert189229 May 1928(35 yrs old) WWI
CainesPhillipSheridan26 Apr 190618 Dec 1944(twin) Fa-Albert Caines Mthr-Shirley Messersmith
CainesRichard“Dick”1 Jan 19001959WWII
CainesShirleyCharlotte19 Oct 187218 Jun 1950Fa-Abraham Messersmith Mthr-Catherine Nickelson
CambellHenryA.14 Aug 186611 Jun 1895 
ChapinFrancis(Martin)12 Sep 18972 Dec 1947Fa-Paul B. Morten Mthr-Theodosia Calhoun
CherryLillianA. “Auntie” (Yorkshire)22 Oct 188712 Jun 1973(sister of R. C. Misomelius)
ChristensenJackRussel13 Feb 19409 Sep 1941Fa-Louis M. Christensen Mthr Beatrice Meyer(Olivez)
ClaytonJaneMary8 Sep 191611 Sep 1916Child of Alfred Barnett and Mattie
ConwayDelilaEllen29 May 19061 Jun 1906Dau of Wm and Cora Cook
CookDanielWebster  Co B 3 Wis Inf (Civil War)
CookEdwardB.27 Dec 189411 May 1946Wyo Horse shoer Vet Hosp 9 WWI
CookEllenJ. (Cooney)4 Oct 185121 Jan 1919dau of Frank Cook & Alice Belinger
CookEsther 19191920dau of Frank Cook & Alice Belinger
CookFrankElbert10 Dec 188318 Dec 1946Fa-Daniel Webster Mthr Ellen J. Cooney
CookIrene 19131916 
CookMariaAlice (Belenger)17 Jun 188728 Mar 1961Ch of Eli Belinger & Sarah RoseAnne Dubal
DentCassiusM.18635 Jan 1931age 68 yrs
DonahueJohn 18491912 
DonahueM. Caroline(Hatten)18601943 
DowdellPat   (Grandma Hollywood’s 2nd Husband Buried in driveway at South
DuckworthWm.H.18 Apr 186718 Jul 1907 
DurfeyElizaJane (Curtis)23 Feb 186530 Jan 1949 
DurfeyJeromeBruce8 Apr 188314 Jan 1951Fa-William Durfey Mthr-Ida (Bunbarger??) mvd Basin?
DurfeyWilliamJerome28 May 184013 Mar 1922GAR (Civil War)
ForsheeMark 13 May 195229 Jul 1992Buried on family plot on Forshee Ranch
FrederickAnitaEmily (Anna)6 Oct 18978 Sep 1976(Ilg) (Ward) (Allen)
FrederickHarryJulian17 Oct 19009 Sep 1976PFC USARMY WWII
FultzFlora(Luman) (Rannells)17 Sep 187923 Dec 1918 
FultzWilliamRiley187422 Apr 1957(son of William R.)
GormanHank   First burial in Cemetery, Dan Bayne shot him
GotwalsAbraham 4 Jun 184126 Aug 1917Co B 199 Reg PA Vol (Civil War)
GotwalsElizabethJ. (Waln)18601920 
GreerAlvaE. “Slim”12 Dec 19085 Apr 1983Born in Troutdale, VA; died age 74 yr Fa-Lee Samuel Greer Mthr-Hiley
GreerInezE. (Misomelius) (Skeen)5 Apr 1905Dec 1971Mother
HarrisBeatriceD. (Durfey-Titus)25 Apr 189526 May 1953 
HattenJamesE.1 Nov 186513 Aug 1939Father-James Hatten Mother-Frana Hunsinger
HendershotDee 1913  
HensonAllen 19181969 
HensonWilliamAlton Lee2 Nov 191818 Oct 1969Wyo PFC Co L 379 Infantry WWII
HollywoodBarney 12 Jun 187921 May 1938Fa-Lawrence Hollywood Mthr-Ellen Murphy age 58 yrs 11 mos
HollywoodOney 17 Jul 187217 Jan 1937Fa-Larry H. Hollywood Mthr-Ellen Murphy 64 yrs 6 mo 2 days
HollywoodWinifredM.5 Aug 188314 Jun 1962 
HornTheodoreW.19 Apr 19007 Feb (Jan) 1977 
RichardHunt 17 Mar 183723 Feb 1933 
Hyatt(twins)(boys)19241924Parents-Samuel C. & Rouene Gapon?
HyattAlice(Saban)19051969(Mrs Lloyd Rannells)
IlgClarenceLloyd27 Jun 19179 May 1971WYO PVT TRP A 115 Cavalry WWII
IlgDaisyD. (Doyle)189220 Oct 1979same stone as Dick
IlgDick 18911984same stone as Daisy C.
IlgDonaldD.24 Nov 19264 Mar 1928 
IlgDora 20 Jun 18652 May 1916(7) (wife of Emil M.)
IlgEmilM.2 Nov 18623 Jun 1937Father-August Ilg Mother-Charlotte Armonde
IlgGladisL.15 Aug 190925 Feb 1910Father-Gus Ilg
IlgIrwin 19111925 
IlgJames 19151918 
IlgLillieE. (Mrs Oscar)15 Feb 188511 Jun 1957(same stone as Oscar?)
IlgLyleC.19 May 191310 Jun 1930 
IlgNellieOlga10 Jun 191318 Jul 1930 
IlgOscarRichard2 Jun 187217 Nov 1951 
Baldwin)infant (possiblya   
JohnsonRoyM.19121989TEC 5 US ARMY
KenyonMelissaMarie7 Aug 198519 Aug 1998dau of Timothy and Lola Kenyon
KenyonStephenRay1 Feb 198719 Aug 1998son of Timothy and Lola Kenyon
KirkpatrickEdmundL.27 Mar 19051964To My Loving Husband, From Goldie
KirkpatrickEdward 19051964 
KirkpatrickElla 4 Mar 188322 Mar 1965a devoted wife, mother, and friend
KirkpatrickRoss “Roscoe”C.16 May 188328 (27) Jul 1979Born in Pullman, W VA; Child of Levi Kirkpatrick and Sarah
Kirpatrick(infant) 19141914 
KirpatrickElizabeth“Betty” Helen12 Jan 190624 Jan 1996(wife of W. C.)
KirpatrickWilliamClayton “Micky”11 Aug 191017 Aug 1992 
LomanFloydR.1 Aug 19079 May 1981 
LomanJ. (Jay?) 18721 Aug 1955 
LomanLaura 24 Jan 18884 Jan 1919 
LumanJohn 4 Oct 18384 Oct 1923age 85 yrs
LumanSusan 13 Oct 18363 Dec 1918 
MathewsJohnJ.12 Apr 189620 Sep 1900 
MaulDonEdward23 Feb 193925 Jun 1988SN USNavy
Mayer(stillbornbaby)  Parents-Samuel D. Mayer & Charlotte L. Ilg, buried on the Nowood between Hyattville and Ten Sleep
MayerMariahWiett (Cable)7 Oct 183925 Jan 1924 (1904) 
MeaneaJoe 15 Sep 185927 Dec 1934 
MeaneaJohnT.1 Jun 190031 Oct 1974BK RI USNAVY WWI
MercerA. Elizabeth 23 Jan 191527 Aug 1921(Ralph and Jenny)
MercerAnita 5 Sep 191626 Mar 1967(Ralph and Jenny)
MercerAnnieE.4 Dec 183916 Oct 1900 
MercerCatherineE. (Hedrick)11 Oct 19126 Mar 1971 
MercerJennieB. (Pritchard)18851981 
MercerR. Donald 22 Oct 191222 Mar 1975 
MeyersLeeAlbert188829 Oct 1956WWI-Canada
MisomeliusEmmaCornelia (Durfey)18 Feb 18864 Sep 1950Father-William J. Durfee Mother-Eliza J. Curtis
MisomeliusHaroldEdward19 Oct 19076 Mar 1986Husband
MisomeliusRichardEdward8 Aug 18749 Dec 1963Father
MonroeMyrtleV.28 Nov 186820 Nov 1942Father-W. A. Barnhart Mother-Felicity Beardsley
MorganWinnardWarren17 Sep 19102 Mar 1980 
NelsonAlvin 3 Jun 188520 Aug 1903Father-T. E. Nelson Mother-Rachel
NelsonCecilM.14 Feb 19052 Feb 1936Father-Oney Hollywood Mother-Winifred Doile
NelsonJack 1888  
NelsonMaryL. (Parker)5 Jul 183015 Mar 1910 
NelsonRachel 14 May 18624 Mar 1910 
NelsonSidneyC.1 Feb 19046 Nov 1975 
O’ConnerJosephH. (memorial only)24 Apr 182610 Jul 1897 
OliverOlive(Cook)10 Mar 18749 Apr 1938 
ParkerDollieRachel3 Nov 190126 Aug 1902 
ParkerEvaMay12 Nov 187617 Jan 1909 
ParkerLawrenceA.25 Apr 187017 Dec 1948Father- (Able?) Parker
PritchardAlice 12 Oct 18795 Aug 1961 
PritchardIda(Cook) (Teeples)191315 Jun 1955 
PritchardLucyA. E.20 Mar 185230 May 1928 
PritchardMarie 19711988 
PritchardScipioCortez18891976 WWI 
PritchardThomasT.5 Apr 184926 Dec 1922 
RannellsDarleneCooper1 Oct 195726 Oct 1987 
RannellsAlice(Saban) Hyatt25 Sep 190519 Aug 1969 
RannellsDoraVirginia17 Feb 18989 May 1898Father-William Rannels Mother-Flora
RannellsJohnLuman26 Apr 19225 Mar 1945age 22 yrs WWII
RannellsJohnSilas24 Sep 189929 Nov 1906Father-William Rannells Mother Flora
RannellsLarryGene24 Mar 197627 May 1995 
RannellsLloydMiller4 Mar 190122 Jan 1954Father-William Rannels Mother-Flora
RannellsRussellW.19 Dec 192321 Dec 1923(son of Lloyd and Alice)
RannellsWilliamM.7 Mar 185020 Feb 1933Father-Silas Rannells Mother-Esther (Burkett?)
Rawson(baby)   (1st separate stone)
Rawson(baby)   (2nd separate stone)
RoyAlonzo 1 May 190428 Nov 1964 
RoyNathaniel 11 Mar 187328 Apr 1909 
SabanBerthaA. (Whaley)22 Jan 187813 Sep 1939Fa-W. T. Whaley Mthr-Alice Cutter (Cutler)
SabanHarry 18991972 
SabanJamesTory22 Apr 190121 Aug 1937Father-George H. Saban Mother-Bertha Whaley
SabanVestaPearl (Grisham) Mrs. Harry26 Sep 189111 Mar 1950Father-Emmett Gisham Mother-Erma Baston
SheldonBabyBud (infant)   
ShirranGeorgeBud29 May 192414 Aug 1992(same stone as Margaret) Mother
ShirranMargaretE.19271985(same stone as George) Father
SkeenDorothy(Myers)5 Apr 19321992(Mrs. Dick)
SkeenJohn Harold .A.23 Sep 19009 Nov 1940Father-John W. Skeen Mohter-Dorthula Cherry
StraightJamesCharles25 Aug 194420 Aug 1968 
StraightJohnEdward11 Oct 194526 Oct 1945Father-Boyd Charles Straight Mother-Pat Elliot
TabakaRoberta 1 Oct 195122 Mar 1952Mother-Louise
TetersFlorence 19021999 
TetersRobertAlexander28 May 190221 Dec 1987PVT USARMY WWI
ThomasEmmaJeanett (Misomelius)11 Oct 192024 Jan 1988wife, mother, and friend
ThomasIrvingE.12 Dec 190827 Jan 1977PFC Army WWII
TitusAlfred 19151935(son of Beatrice Harris)
Van AllstineMrs.    
VanDykeSylva 19341995 
VierlingMaryE.12 Jun 188523 Jun 1972 
VierlingRobert 28 Jan 19137 Aug 1914Father-Wm Vierling
VierlingW.E.18382 Nov 1912 
VierlingWilliamE.1 Apr 187127 Mar 1944Father-W. E. Vierling
WaltersFrank  4 Jun 1924age 61 yrs
WickwireFrances   infant dau of Byron F. and May R. Wickwire
WickwireJosephine   infant dau of Byron F. and May R. Wickwire
WickwireNathanO.18311918(Civil War)
WilliamsAlberta 19061921 
WilliamsCarlyn(infant)  Father-Roy Williams Mother-Laura Thomas
ZiesmanBenJ.17 Jan 18713 Oct 1942age 89 yrs Fa-Herman Ziesman Mthr-Emily Kosapke
ZiesmanFredA.8 Dec 18759 Oct 1954 
Ancestry US

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