Otto Cemetery, Otto, Big Horn County, Wyoming

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Otto cemetery is located one quarter mile east of Otto on a little knoll on the south side of Wyoming road 30. It is a well kept cemetery and easily seen from the main road.

When the term “duel stone with” has been used in the list below, it refers to two names (sometimes three) on one tombstone which are either husband/wife or siblings. Alphabetizing the list of names separated some of these situations. This notation may save future genealogists some valuable time.

Unknown (26 marked “unknown” graves)

Interments at Otto Cemetery

AllenAlfredL21 Jan 191618 Sep 1990Husband & Dad
AllenBaby 19031903 
AllenBerthaK  Married to Bill Allen
AllenBill  28 Jun 1993Married to Bertha K Allen
AllenJohnM18681938Husband of Mary R Allen; duel stone w/Mary R & John W Allen
AllenJohnW18681904Father of John M Allen; duel stone w/Mary R & John M Allen
AllenMaryR18741903Wife of John M Allen; duel stone w/John W & John M Allen
AndersonDonald 14 Oct 192514 Oct 1925duel stone w/Ronald Anderson
AndersonEsther 18701945duel stone w/Wm Anderson
AndersonLaura 16 Jan 1926duel stone w/Marvin O’Keefe
AndersonLettieJ18921973duel stone w/Maurice W Anderson
AndersonMarvin 4 Dec 19176 Jul 1999duel stone w/Laura Maurice
AndersonMauriceW18901969duel stone w/Lettie J Anderson
AndersonRonald 6 Dec 192427 Jan 1925duel stone w/Donald Anderson
AndersonWilliam 18691947duel stone w/Esther Anderson
AveryGracieW22 Oct 190327 Mar 1906Dau of J T & M E Avery
BantaPearlSanders8 Jul 189017 Nov 1970 
BeckAlfredW11 Nov 186918 Jan 1942duel stone w/Lois Fjeldsted Beck
BeckGeorgeThomas26 Oct 187216 Jun 1923Beloved son
BeckLoisFjeldsted22 Mar 188014 Jan 1962duel stone w/Alfred W Beck
BensonElizabethMartha7 Feb 18406 Sep 1928 
BickfordMaryAgnes30 Sep 185130 Dec 1934Mother
BlakesleyJamesElroy 27 May 1926WY Sgt US Army
BlakesleyOliveA7 Nov 183011 Nov 1902Mother Lake
BlakesleyRollaE11 Apr 186111 Oct 1911 
BlankFannieDolores27 Oct 192916 Jan 2000 
Bryan(Rev)John29 Mar 187016 Jun 1898 
BullingerJohnJ29 Jan 191129 Aug 2002duel stone w/Marva C Bullinger; marr. 20 May 1931;children: Larry, Darrell, Ken, Jim
BullingerMarvaC11 Jan 191613 Aug 2001duel stone w/John J Bullinger
CarterConnard 19011941 
ChristiansenAlva 16 Nov 190721 Jul 1909Child of Hyrum & Hannah M; duel stone w/Hazel Christiansen
ChristiansenBrighamJ18761918duel stone w/Loae Amanda Christiansen
ChristiansenEida 19031904 
ChristiansenHazel 8 Mar 189811 Jun 1910Child of Hyrum & Hannah M; duel stone w/Alva Christiansen
ChristiansenLoae 18821971duel stone w/Brigham Amanda
CookEmily 18521938 
CorralesT 18691939Fallesio a la Edad de 70 anos (died at the age of 70 yrs)Memoria de Toda su Familia
CunninghamJohnEllis15 Dec 18545 Aug 1898 
DalleyAllwynneS31 Jul 19067 Sep 1965duel stone w/Frederic R Dalley
DalleyFredericR8 Nov 19057 Sep 1960duel stone w/Allwynne S Dalley
DalleyJamesB6 Apr 191713 Nov 1989 
DalleySamuelA25 Oct 18721 Oct 1958 
DalleyVirgieAudrey3 Mar 187518 Apr 1930 
DavisEugene 19131915 
DeputyBenjamin 17 Oct 190927 Oct 1997Married 16 Jun 1933; sealed 29 Jun 1949; children:Russell 8 Aug 1934, Anne 25 Feb 1936, Nancy 16 Jun 1937,Susan 20 Jul 1939,
DeputyGladysMiner 19 Nov 1914duel stone w/Benjamin Charles Deputy
DuncanClarenceH 4 Feb 1913Married 23 Jan 1941; duel stone w/Violet Mae Duncan
DuncanVioletMae1 May 191624 Jan 1998duel stone w/Clarence H Duncan
DunnBillieLeland14 Jun 19232 Jan 2000PFC USMC WWII
EddyWC12 Mar 183630 Apr 1898 
EnglishSquireR29 Jul 191110 Aug 1912 
EnglishWilliam 24 Jun 186917 Sep 1917 
English-AyersMary 18771934Full name on stone; Mary Melissa Gribble English-Ayers
Ericksen(Stillborn Son)  20 Sep 1948 
EricksenAndrewN C15 Aug 190613 Jul 1917Son of Niel Ericksen
EricksenTheodore 13 Feb 192425 Jul 1991Died in Chandler AZ Jackson
GafnerAlfred 18681953 
GodfreyDavidEugene6 Dec 189925 Mar 1983 
GodfreyEllenY18781959duel stone w/Sidney B Godfrey
GodfreyMimie 18991937Mother
GodfreySidneyB18771954duel stone w/Ellen Y Godfrey
GrooSamuel 11 Dec 18601 Dec 1901 
HannerJohnW13 Sep 18455 Jan 1918 
HauserCarlW6 Nov 18769 Jan 1908 
HeathHenryA30 Jul 19273 Oct 1937 
HeathNaomi 19611963 
HeathRalph 18951971 
HensleyElmerEwin27 Aug 18912 Jan 1911 
HensleyJohnG1 Dec 183823 Nov 1926Husband of Nancy C Johnson; Co A 6 Kansas Inf
HewittHyrum 22 Jun 18835 Dec 1901 
HickmanLeonard 20 Mar 19284 Apr 1998Sgt US Air Force Dwayne Jr
HoltzEdnaF Hanner11 Mar 188329 Sep 1902 
HooverAllenLogan Aug 1949 
HooverBaby  Jul 1941 
HooverJohnW 30 Jan 1901Aged 41y 7m 20d
HopkinElsieS31 Jan 18851 Mar 1957Mother
HopkinHenry 12 Jul 188214 Feb 1962Father
HopkinHyrumKenneth1 May 191431 Dec 1918Son of Elsie & Henry Hopkin
HopkinJohnS12 Mar 192220 Dec 1981US Navy WWII
HopkinMargaretK14 Nov 185714 Mar 1931 
IngersollMellA Sue14 May 195221 May 1952Dau of Mr & Mrs H E Ingersoll
JohnsonNancyC7 Nov 18515 May 1898Wife of John G Hensley
JonesDelbertDalley 29 Jul 1910Married 18 Aug 1937; duel stone w/Louise Jensen Jones
JonesDorothy  16 Feb 1934duel stone w/Kenneth Jones
JonesFredRay25 Jul 193129 Mar 1995PFC US Army Korea
JonesGuinivere 24 Sep 192214 Jun 1923 
JonesIdaMary9 Mar 189929 Aug 196duel stone w/Isaac Alfred Jones
JonesIsaacAlfred4 Nov 188919 Jan 1961duel stone w/Ida Mary Jones
JonesJeffreyAllen 22 Jan 1964Our son
JonesJosephM18871967Buried at Draper,Utah; duel stone w/Myrtle S Jones
JonesKenneth 8 Aug 19279 Jan 1998Married 25 May 1951; children:Kevin, Kengie, Marlin, Kalyn, Lennis, Shelley, Jeffrey; duel stone w/Dorothy Jones
JonesDalleyLette Selena15 Feb 186725 Apr 1925 
JonesLouiseJensen10 May 19094 Dec 1975duel stone w/Delbert Dalley Jones
JonesLuacine 19 Sep 194614 Nov 1947Infant dau of Louise Jensen & Delbert D Jones
JonesLynnDee4 Mar 198629 Mar 1986Dau of Kevin & Susie Jones
JonesMary 8 Jun 19208 Jun 1920 
JonesMildredSanders19 Jun 191218 Sep 1983duel stone w/Rulon Dalley Jones
JonesOra 22 Apr 19299 Jan 1934 
JonesRex 19491949 
JonesRulon 19321932 
JonesRulonDalley26 Jun 18979 Dec 1984Married 8 Sep 1927; duel stone w/Mildred Sanders Jones
KaizerMary 19251991 
KunkelFortella 19 Oct 189420 May 1920 
LafolletteMartinDavidson22 Jul 19289 Oct 1963 
LafolletteMartinW7 Aug 19489 Aug 1948 
LarsenCharlesPratt8 Oct 19078 Sep 1908Baby son of C E & B P Larsen
LedfordRodneyLee7 Oct 195623 Jun 1957 
LorimerLawrence 12 Jun 197417 Aug 1992Son of Eva Louise Jones & Lawrence K Lorimer
LymanBarbaraAlice18 Mar 18608 Jan 1919Mother; dau of Elizabeth Parker & Edward Ward; Wife of Charles Rich Lyman; duel stone w/ Smith Ward Lyman
LymanBarton 19361941 
LymanEugeneStubbs6 Dec 191922 Apr 1992 
LymanJack 7 Jun 19224 Jul 1962 
LymanMaudeS31 Dec 18858 Feb 1967 
LymanScottStubbs2 Mar 19075 Jun 1989 
LymanSmithWard8 Nov 19035 Jan 1919Son of Barbara Alice Lyman; duel stone w/ Barbara Alice Lyman
MasseyAliceA9 Mar 186717 Jun 1946 
MasseyTommy 21 Oct 186225 Aug 1925 
MattoxGeorgeW  Co G 48 Wis Inf
MckinnieRebecca 18531900Morrow
Olsen,HildaS18741953Mother; Faith in Every Footstep 1847-1997 Pioneers marker
Olsen,VictorC18701943Father; Faith in Every Footstep 1847-1997 Pioneers marker
PerkinsElizabeth  19 Nov 1813age 78yrs
PerkinsGeorgeW L 8 Jun 1913age 45yrs
PerkinsHarveyEarl 24 Feb 1911age 17yrs
PerkinsHarveyL, Jr. 6 Jun 1936age 78yrs
PerkinsHarveyL, Sr. 18 Oct 1919age 84yrs
PerkinsJane 6 Mar 183124 Mar 1898Born in Vermillion C Ind; died at Otto WY at age 67yrs
PerkinsLawrenceRosco 16 Jan 1899 
PerkinsRachel 31 Dec 1918age 34yrs 
PerkinsVictoria 4 Nov 1911age 49yrs 
PlumbWillie 18871889drowned in Greybull River, first burial in this cemetery
PopejoyViolaJones11 Jun 193018 Jul 1974 
PorterMaggieBelle26 Apr 18771 Aug 1969duel stone w/Orson Merit Tolman
Porter(Bishop)Orson26 Jul 18698 May 1935duel stone w/Maggie Belle Tolman Porter
PrattLaure 19071909 
SandersAlexC2 Nov 187618 Jan 1961 
SandersBaby  26 Dec 1932 
SandersChristian 13 Mar 185017 Feb 1925Father; duel stone w/ Martina Sanders; Faith in Every Footstep 1847-1997 Pioneers marker
SandersElden 23 Feb 190616 Mar 1987Married 27 May 1926; our children:Richard, Leon, Grant, Dorothy, Merrill, Elden, Paul Ellen: duel stone w/Isabelle L Sanders
SandersEthel 19011917 
SandersGilbert 19101910 
SandersIsabelleL24 Nov 190823 Oct 1998duel stone w/Elden Sanders
SandersMartina 11 Sep 185227 Jul 1915Mother;duel stone w/ Christian Sanders
SandersPaul 22 Dec 189014 Oct 1918 
ShepardFannie  1918 
ShepardGO Jerry19081971 
ShepardJohn 18651936 
ShepardMickL12 Nov 190911 Oct 1992Father; duel stone w/ Zelda M Shepard
ShepardZeldaM19 Jan 191223 Sep 1998Mother; duel stone w/ Mick L Shepard
SimsLeoWilliam19061957Husband & Father
SpragueEarl & Carl    
SpragueEarlD18881953duel stone w/Emma M Sprague
SpragueElizaAnn29 Mar 18639 Oct 1954 
SpragueEmmaM18931968duel stone w/Earl D Sprague
SpragueGuyM21 Oct 189518 Mar 1916this stone has 2 very small stones on either side marked G.M.S./I.S. respectfully
SpragueIrma 12 Aug 190513 Dec 1910 
SpragueJennieM 1914 
SpragueKenneth 23 Apr 192616 Apr 1999US Marine Corps WWII Dwaine
SpragueLenoraM15 Aug 192514 Aug 1989 
SpragueLouisW7 Dec 192220 May 1997 
SpragueRoy 18831953 
SpragueWayneE22 Nov 193922 Nov 1939WY Pvt US Army
ThorleyJennie 16 Apr 191017 Apr 1910 
ThorleyMinnie 26 Jun 18773 Oct 1912Wife of L A Thorley
ThorleyMinnie 23 Jan 190323 Jan 1903 
TolmanClarence 26 Dec 192431 Oct 1996GM3 US Navy WWII
TolmanElvira 18951983Mother
TolmanJohn 4 Jul 189721 Jul 1916 
TolmanMaggieBelle26 Apr 18771 Aug 1969duel stone w/Orson Merit Porter
TolmanMary  26 Oct 1923duel stone w/Verl Tolman
TolmanVerl 26 Nov 192014 Nov 2001Married 16 Feb 1944; sealed 12 Jun 1944; children; Jean, Carolin, James, Wilfred, Norma; duel stone w/Mary Tolman
TolmanWilford 18871941Father
TolmanWilford 12 Oct 18645 Nov 1929Father
TrepusClara 5 Nov 186525 Nov 1934 
WainwrightEunice 8 Jun 191612 Aug 1991Mom;duel stone w/William Emilie
WainwrightWilliam 23 Oct 191117 May 1991Dad;duel stone w/Eunice Delars
WardellAlbertDalton19011985duel stone w/Linnie Dalley Jones Wardell
WardellAnneDeputy25 Feb 19364 Mar 1998duel stone w/Calvin Jones Wardell
WardellBrentBriggs10 Dec 19576 Apr 2001SSgt
WardellCalvinJones19 May 193326 Jun 1992Sealed 3 Jan 1957; duel stone w/Anne Deputy Wardell
WardellDelsaDalley 1 Jul 1905duel stone w/Ross Dalton Jones
WardellLinnieDalley19011970duel stone w/Albert Jones
WardellLynnBriggs5 Feb 19534 Jul 1971Son of Leslie & Marilyn
WardellNathanDeputy24 Jun 197525 Jan 1975 
WardellNormanEarl1 Mar 19535 Nov 1994Sgt USAF Vietnam
WardellPrestonJones 13 Sep 1962 
WardellRomolaEarl30 Dec 19289 Sep 1926duel stone w/Ross Dalton Wardell Jr
WardellRossDalton15 May 19041 Jun 1982duel stone w/Delsa Dalley Jones Wardell
WardellRossDalton4 Jun 192511 Oct 1986Married 21 Dec 1944; Jr
WelchJohannaM18 Oct 186020 Nov 1956duel stone w/John A Welch & Joseph W Welch
WelchJohnA18 Apr 185425 Mar 1925duel stone w/Johanna M Welch & Joseph W Welch
WelchJosephW18241916duel stone w/John A & Johanna M Welch
WhiteRheaEliza10 Mar 190215 May 1995duel stone w/W Franklin Porter
WhiteWFranklin23 Aug 18938 May 1957Superintendent Transmission System of the North Platte River Project; children: Dale Porter, Joseph F, Rhea Charmaine; duel stone w/ Rhea Eliza Porter White
WilliamsBerthaKlaus11 Aug 191718 Mar 1999duel stone w/Hyrum Clair Williams
WilliamsHyrumClair16 Nov 19167 Feb 1992Married 24 Dec 1937;duel stone w/Bertha Klaus Williams
WilliamsHyrumDarold19 Apr 193921 Dec 1984 
WilliamsJohnC26 May 181518 May 1901 
WilsonAlvin 19481958 
WinslowAnnie  3 Oct 1901age 30yrs
WintersEstherL24 Oct 188013 Dec 1965Mother
WintersJohnCarlos9 Mar 188129 Apr 1976 
WintersNielsE20 Mar 187417 Jun 1945Father
YorgasonDorothyE10 Mar 19105 Aug 1993duel stone w/Joseph A Yorgason
YorgasonEKendall 13 Sep 1933Children: Glenn, Jay Scott, Brent; duel stone w/VeLoy Griffen Yorgason
YorgasonJosephA19 Dec 190524 Mar 1998Children: Joseph Wayne, Ernest Kendall, Lorelle, Sandra Joan, Francis Leland; duel stone w/ Dorothy E Yorgason
YorgasonJosephA11 Mar 190524 Feb 1906Son of J.S.A. &
YorgasonVeloy 22 Feb 193529 Dec 1997duel stone w/E Kendall Griffen
YoungDavidD18531930Father; duel stone w/ Pheobee Young
YoungPheobee 18561930Mother; duel stone w/ David D Young
Ancestry US

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  1. Hello! My name is Rodney Tolman, and I am the caretaker for the Otto Cemetery. This page is very well done, and I want to thank whoever is managing this. What a wonderful resource!

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