Fort Washakie in 1883

History of Fort Washakie

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The Shoshone or Wind River Reservation was established by the treaty concluded at Fort Bridger on July 3, 1868, and on June 28, 1869, an order was issued for the establishment of a garrison at some point upon the reservation. A site was selected near the junction of Trouth Creek and the Little Wind River and a post was established under the name of Camp Augur, in honor of Gen C. C. Augur, one of the officers who had negotiated the treaty the year before. On March 28, 1870, the name was changed to Camp Brown and on December 30, 1878, it was changed to Fort Washakie, in honor of Chief Washakie of the Shoshone tribe. As early as 1872 the post consisted of log buildings with accommodations for a garrison of 115 men. A few additional buildings were erected during the next twenty years and in 1893 Congress made a considerable appropriation for permanent improvements at the fort. Troops were stationed at Fort Washakie until 1909.

Source: History of Wyoming, Volume 1, by I. S. Bartlett, Chicago, The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1918

Ancestry US

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