Evanston, Uinta County, Wyoming History

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Soon after the completion of the railroad it was decided to make Evanston the end of the division, and work was begun on a substantial roundhouse and machine shops made of stone. Bishop Sharp of the Mormon Church had the contract and employed about one hundred fifty men in the construction. It was completed the Fourth of July, 1871, and engines and men moved in from Wasatch to the accompaniment of shrieking whistles and cheers from the assembled crowd. A town picnic was held across the river, in which all of the community joined. The speech of the day was made by Dr. Sheldon Jackson, the pioneer Presbyterian missionary, who was afterwards famous for his work in Alaska and for the introduction of reindeer into that territory. On the morning of the picnic Mr. Booth met John Eldridge, and asked him if he could drive horses, to which Eldridge responded that he had driven as many as fifty at a time in a herd and would not hesitate to handle a “four-horse team”. A fare of “two bits” was charged to transport the merry-makers to the picnic grounds, and the proceeds, amounting to twenty dollars, were evenly divided between the driver and Mr. Booth. Mr. Eldridge and his family have been residents of Evanston since May 1, 1871.

Ancestry US

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