Old Ridge Cemetery Burials, Weston County, Wyoming

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Researched by Maxine Kaul in the Newcastle News and Newcastle Journal.

Newcastle’s first cemetery, located in Sec. 45N, R61W, consists of 1/4 acres, which is smaller than the original cemetery. The land was given to the Weston County Historical Society by Tom and Marilyn Arnold. To get there: travel west on the by-pass on Hwy 16, turn left on the Fairground Road. Travel 1 mile on the gravel road. When you come to the dead end on the road going north and south, turn west(right) and travel 1/4 mile. The cemetery is fenced on the left and has a wrought iron gate, a centennial bench and one area where there appears a stone or two. This cemetery was used from the town’s inception until March 1896 when the present Greenwood Cemetery was opened. It is said that the reason the Old Ridge Cemetery was so far from town was the “pest” house was located somewhere in the vicinity of the now golf course and so was closer for burial. There was a lot of diphtheria, smallpox and other diseases that took a lot of infants’ and children’s lives.

NameBirth date/AgeDeath dateComments
Barnhart, Boyage 11 yrs16 Jun 1895son of Mr/Mrs Barnhart
Barnhart, Infantinfant11 Jan 1895son of Mr/Mrs Barnhart
Bennett, Frankie (Miss)about age 31 yrs13 Jan 1891 
Bezanson, E.C. (Red) Dec 1895died last Sat. in December
Bodey, Nancy (Nannie) Comptonage 18 yrs01 Nov 1895wife of Ralph L. Bodey
Bouts, F.J.age 15 years23 May 1890 
Britton, John 26 Oct 1892 
Brown, Ava  dau of Mr. & Mrs. M. E. Brown
Buse, Hazelage 18 mos27 Dec 1890 
Clark, Elsie Ethelage 6 years20 May 1890 
Creswill, Thomas Walter 14 Aug 1893accidentally shot
Davis, Jamesabout age 35 yrs02 Jan 1891 
Farnum, Jennie Lee (Mrs.)age 24 yrs23 Feb 1891wife of H. Farnum
Field, Frank 28 Nov 1889 
Flaherity, W.J. 28 Apr 1890 
Freel, Henry J. (Hank) 23 Sep 1892murdered
Fuller, Charles F.age 1 year01 Aug 1890 
Fuller, Dora E.age 1 year01 Aug 1890 
Fuller, Ralphage 18 mos02 Aug 1890 
Gollnick, Sarahinfant05 Apr 1892daughter of Mr/Mrs (Annie) Gollnick
Haines, Johnage 26 years02 Jun 1890 
Harwi, George W.age 26 years14 Jun 1890 
Holgerson, P. 14 May 1891section worker
Keneally, Jeromeage 6 years13 Nov 1890 
Lowery, Birdell23 Apr 188901 Oct 1889 
Lowery, Mr.age 72 yrs06 Nov 1891 
Lowery, Sarah20 Apr 186412 Oct 1889 
Madden, Timabout age 30 years18 Nov 1890 
Mansfield, Williamabt age 20 years12 Dec 1890 
Massey, James, H. 13 Sep 1890old soldier
Miller, Mary 05 Mar 1893suffocated in fire
Mitchell, Anna Mrs.about age 19 yrs01 Dec 1891 
Moore, James 19 Jun 1891of Merino, WY (now Upton)
Nelville, Ralph   
Osbern, M.L.about age 40 yrs06 Mar 1891 
Paasch, Babyage 5 mo02 Feb 1893son of Charles Paasch
Paasch, Carlage 15 mo15 Nov 1891son of Charles Paasch
Paste, Freddieage 4 mos06 Aug 1890 
Ross, Nellieage 14 yrs, 7 mo31 Jan 1891daughter of Mrs. L. Ross
Rounds, A.A. Mr. 08 Sep 1895 
Rutter, Aggie 23 Oct 1892 
Shively, Infantage 10 mos21 Jun 1890 
Shively, Rossage 8 years28 Jul 1890 
Smith, Maudieage 3 years01 Dec 1890 
Smith, Ora W.age 6 yrs20 May 1891daughter of Mr/Mrs Wm. Smith
Stone, (Slorj) Fritz Duke 02 Dec 1892 
Taylor, Robert 05 Aug 1890killed in train accident
Thompson, Georgeage 28 years14 Nov 1890mine carpenter, lost in snow
Timms, ? 19 Feb 1896of infamous Truax Rustlers Gang shot by sheriff and buried in a common grave
Truax, ? 19 Feb 1896of infamous Truax Rustlers Gang shot by sheriff and buried in a common grave
Truitt, Child 15 Jan 1891child of J.W. Truitt
Voss, Chrisage 6 years16 Nov 1890 
Voss, Fritz 15 Nov 1890 
Waggoner (Wagoner), Thomas 04 Jun 1891hung then reburied 02 Apr 1894
Wellman, George May 1892murdered

Credit and many thanks goes to the Weston County Genealogical Society for providing this index.
Copyright 1999, Weston County Genealogical Society, all rights reserved.

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