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Wyoming Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It contains information and records for Wyoming ancestry, family history, and genealogy. Specifically, it provides sources for birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, tax records, court records, and military records. It also provides some historical details about different times and people in Wyoming history.

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Wyoming’s Pioneer Ranches

  • Pioneer Ranches of the Rocky Mountain Empire
  • Marks and Brands of Albany County 1871-1880
  • Dr. H. Latham, U. P. Surgeon and Laramie Plains Booster
  • Wyoming Stockgraziers Association founded in Laramie in 1871
  • Clashes between Cattle and Sheep Owners on the Laramie Plains
  • Al Houston, Pioneer Indian Fighter, Hunter and Guide
  • Landmarks on the Laramie Piains
  • Land Descriptions. Origin of Terms Section, Township and Range
  • Roads and Freighting on the Laramie Plains
  • Ranches on the Big Laramie above Laramie City
  • Ranches on the Big Laramie River below Laramie City
  • Ranches on the Little Laramie River
  • The Ranches around Tie Siding and Virginia Dale
  • Ranches of the Black Hills, Sybille and Blue Grass north of Laramie
  • Ranches between the Little Laramie and Rock Creek
  • Ranches on Rock Creek
  • Ranches in Northern Albany County
  • The Swan Land and Cattle Company
  • King Brothers Company, World Famous Sheep Breeders
  • Ranches of the Elk Mountain Country and Bow River
  • Famous Cowboys. Top Hands of the Laramie Plains
  • The Indispensable Horse: Ally of Man at Work and Play
  • Water, Vital to Man and Beast: Life Blood of the Laramie Plains
  • Changes in Ranching

Wyoming Genealogy Data and Information

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New Wyoming Genealogy

Otto Cemetery, Otto, Big Horn County, Wyoming

Otto cemetery is located one quarter mile east of Otto on a little knoll on the south side of Wyoming road 30. It is a well kept cemetery and easily seen from the main road. When the term “duel stone with” has been used in the list below, it refers to two names (sometimes three) on one tombstone which are either husband/wife or siblings. Alphabetizing the list of names separated some of these situations. This notation may save future genealogists some valuable time. Unknown (26 marked “unknown” graves) Interments at Otto Cemetery AllenAlfredL21 Jan 191618 Sep 1990Husband & DadAllenBaby 19031903 AllenBerthaK  Married to…

Manderson Cemetery, Manderson, Big Horn County, Wyoming

The Manderson Cemetery is located .9 mile east of the center of Manderson, on Highway 20 South toward Worland. It is on the north side of the road, and is visible from the highway. It overlooks the river and the Worland valley. It is fenced and has a good gate, but visitors have been pushing the wire down instead of entering by the gate. Thus animals are getting in from time to time. This is a good-sized area for the number of people resting here. Bald Eagles cruise the river and a beautiful little group of Hungarian Partridge have taken…

Hyattville Cemetery, Hyattville, Big Horn County, Wyoming

Hyattville was first established in 1886 as Paintrock, Wyoming. It was named for Indian pictographs on a nearby cliff. Samuel Hyatt started a store and the first post office, and the town was renamed for him. When the store was destroyed by fire in 1900, Sam Hyatt became a rancher. Asa Shinn Mercer was also a pioneer settler here. He made himself famous by taking two shiploads of young women around Cape Horn in the 1860’s for matrimonial purposes on the West Coast. When he finished with that enterprise, he came to Wyoming to settle. The Hyattville Cemetery is located…

Forshee Family Cemetery, Hyattville, Big Horn County, Wyoming

This family plot is on a private ranch near Hyattville. Ask permission to visit! From downtown Hyattville, drive 3.5 miles northeast on the Cold Springs Road until you reach the Rea Grove Lane. Proceed south, crossing the creek over the wooden bridge and up the hill. Bear left and enter the gate to the ranch house. You will need assistance to locate this spot. The plot is .5 miles from the ranch house on a hillside overlooking Paintrock Creek. To the east is the hovering, majestic presence of the Big Horn Mountains. To the north are the remarkable red bluffs…

Byron Cemetery, Big Horn County, Wyoming

Bryon Cemetery Map Byron was organized in 1900 by Mormon pioneer settlers. The town was named for Byron Sessions, of Utah who was one of the leaders who helped settle the town and build the Sidon canal, used for irrigation. Soon after they settled, a farmer saw gas escaping from a fence post hole, and ignited the gas. It burned for several years, and in 1906 the Byron gas field began when a test hole was drilled and gas was found about 700 feet down. To reach the Byron Cemetery go North on Center Street one mile out of town.…

Basin Pioneer Cemetery, Basin, Big Horn County, Wyoming

Beginning at the Court House in central Basin, drive west on B Street until you pass the schools. Take a right turn, north, onto the dirt road. Northeast a few hundred feet you will see an old log building and the cemetery, with a wood rail fence in front and a wooden sign and gate in the middle. The cemetery is not well kept, and although there is a wood rail fence around the front part, the fence has fallen down in the back, and there are stones and boards scattered around. N 44 22 893 W 108 03.043 Internments…

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